• How to Fold a Shirt in 4 Easy Steps

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    We all have T-shirts. Moms, Dads, Kids, Uncles, Aunties, and even Grandma & Grandpa. A typical household can wash 2-3 dozen shirts per week. That's A LOT of shirts to be folding. This step by step guide shows you how to fold a shirt very quickly and neatly. It will save you time and the whole family can enjoy this together! Works on all short sleeved tops. Please share this and enjoy!


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  • Graphic Tees for Inspiring on the Daily

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    Check out our recent collaboration with these lovely ladies from SheisBlankSpace.com. They are featured in a cute coffee shop with our L.O.V.E Cross Arrows and Florida Roots tee.

    INSTAGRAM: sheisblankspace

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  • Your Life is YOUR Story: Take your pen back and hold it tight

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    We fell in love with this blog post by Rachel Griffin and would love to share it with everyone.  This post resonates and connects so well with us.  From the first line till the last.  It's a must read!

    Your life is a book

    and it’s time for you

    to take your pen back.

    It’s time for you to write.

    Get out your eraser

    and erase the things

    you’ve let others write

    that don’t feel good.

    Those words are not true for you anymore.

    Others can write in their own books,

    but not yours.

    Hold your pen, tight.

    Your life


    your story.

    When she said you were ugly

    When he said you were crazy

    When they called you a freak

    When they said, “You won’t amount to anything!”

    When the TV told you about fear

    When the magazine told you about beauty

    When haters

    tried to make their own pain


    by insulting you

    with lies.

    It’s your choice what to keep

    What to believe

    What to let live in you.

    Ask yourself,

    “Does this build me up

    or tear me down?”

    Keep what is nourishing.

    Hold what is kind.

    It’s your responsibility

    to your spirit

    to write like you know

    you can.

    To write, with love

    To write until

    your hand aches

    To write for those

    who need your words

    the most.

    Write what no one else dares to

    Write the truth

    Take chances

    Write in


    Don’t be jealous

    of other books

    with shiny covers.

    They are all

    works in progress

    on the inside.

    Sometimes the shiniest outsides

    have the saddest stories

    hidden away.

    Hold your book to your chest.

    It is so precious.

    It is such a gift!

    We can all write

    something grand!

    No one’s pen

    works better.

    Everyone’s pen

    is magical

    and powerful!

    Write yourself

    love letters.

    Write about what brought you joy

    when you were a little child.

    What did you want to do

    when you were seven?

    And life hadn’t crossed out

    your pictures.

    When naysayers hadn’t

    ripped out your plans.

    When you hadn’t given your pen away

    fearful that you didn’t have the words.

    You’ve always had the words.

    No one

    No one was more qualified to write than you.

    No one has a book without

    confusing chapters,

    without mistakes.

    Those chapters

    made you a better writer

    Those chapters

    had a purpose

    But those chapters are done.

    Look at the things you wrote

    that make you cringe.

    Why did you make those choices?

    Were you in pain?

    Were you trying to find love

    in all the wrong places?

    Were you hurt?

    It’s time to forgive that broken you.

    You were doing the best writing

    you knew how to do

    at the time.

    Guilt and shame just

    affect the new chapters you write.

    They use up way too much ink.

    Ink you could use to write beautiful, helpful things

    write your life without them now.

    It’s never to late

    to write differently.

    to write without

    anyone’s judgments

    or predictions

    weakening your hand.

    It’s never to late

    to change the course of the story

    to make the next chapter


    Your book is valuable.

    Your book is worth reading and sharing.

    Your book is great.

    Publish it, baby!

    No book is perfect

    Because perfect books

    Are boring books

    Your book is better than perfect

    It’s a joyful




    Credit:  Rachel Griffin

    Link:  http://huff.to/2lZmRhX

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  • Happy Valentines Day with Amy Soto

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    Check out our Valentines Day collaboration with Amy from Style Chocolate Chip. We're in love with her really cute Valentines Day outfit! We really adore all the little details. She's seen here in the Unicorn at Heart t-shirt. Check out her blog for more photos and her entire outfit.


    INSTAGRAM: amysoto_



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  • Miracles Do Happen with Rian & Priscilla Hill

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    Check out a recent collaboration with Rian & Priscilla Hill. We love hearing about their story and being apart of the journey. We wish you the best in motherhood and fatherhood. You'll be fantastic parents!
    Rian's wearing the Papa Bear tee while Priscilla is in the Mama Bear tee. Check out their video blog post below for a chance to win a free tee of your choice.

    INSTAGRAM: @followthehills
    YOUTUBE: FollowTheHills

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