• Nap Time with KeInTheCity

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    Remember how being forced to take a midday nap was seen as a punishment when we were kids? It’s interesting how we now crave them as we get older. It turns out that naps aren’t just an expensive past-time when every hour of our day needs to be treated like gold; studies have shown that even short naps can increase brain function and improve memory retention!

    So how does one NAP? If you’re someone like me and hit the sack expecting to doze off for 30 minutes, but wake up wondering what decade you ended up in, there’s a solution!

    According to this article in the Guardian, “A short afternoon catnap of 20 minutes yields mostly Stage 2 sleep, which enhances alertness and concentration, elevates mood, and sharpens motor skills...Naps of up to 45 minutes may also include rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which enhances creative thinking and boosts sensory processing.” Since our sleep patterns work in cycles, if you force yourself to wake up while you’re in the middle of one, it could leave you feeling disoriented and groggy.

    The Guardian suggests that if you need help feeling awake after your short 20 minute nap, opt for a cup of coffee right before your nap since caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in. It’ll help you wake up feeling even more energized and alert! Rather than feel sluggish and tired for the rest of the day trying to force yourself

    Thanks to KeInTheCity for these beautiful photos of her getting ready for a nap in our “Gangsta Napper” tee. Head on over to her blog post to learn some surprising facts about her!

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  • Thrifting With Eliza Romero of Aesthetic Distance

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    While thrifting has always been a staple in many people’s lives; in the past decade following the Great Recession, thrifting has become a hub for people looking for interesting finds at low prices to spruce up their closet. Although Goodwill is always going to be the titan of the thrifting market, consignment chains like Crossroads Trading Co. and Buffalo Exchange have popped up alongside more independent consignment stores like “A Day N June” in Baltimore. Eliza Romero of Aesthetic Distance shops at her local consignment store in our “Resist” tank.

    In the second-hand clothing world, there is a distinction between thrift stores such as Goodwill and consignment stores like Crossroads Trading Co. So what’s the difference if they both sell second-hand clothes?


    While Goodwill and The Salvation Army take in any and all donations and only gets rid of some of the most unsellable pieces, stores like Crossroads are more curated and there is a more rigorous selection process of what they choose to sell.

    Both come with pros and cons. While consignment stores are more curated so you can easily find something you love, their prices are a bit higher. Thrift stores are the opposite: prices are much lower but you’ll have to spend more time searching through piles to find your next favorite piece. Either way, one of the unique features of second-hand stores is how they are reflective of the styles of the community since it is the community members themselves that donate and sell to these stores.

    Whether you choose to go the traditional route or opt for consignment, these second-hand stores hold a wealth of potential finds that are off the beaten path. Want to learn more about thrifting? Read Eliza’s blog post here!

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  • Interview with a Mermaid

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    It’s not often one comes across a mermaid mom on the ‘gram; so when we discovered Lauren from HelloWhimzy, we HAD to reach out and talk about life as a whimsical mermaid mom. You can find her documenting her life on Instagram here: @HelloWhimzy For this interview, Lauren is wearing our Caffeine Queen and Mermaid Bra tees!

    What inspired you to live the mermaid life?

    Can I change this to "What inspired you to live the whimsical life?" Because mermaids are just a part of it. Growing up, my family always loved all things whimsical and would find little ways to incorporate it into everyday life whether it’s through games, stories, crafts, etc. and that carried over to my adult life. The definition of whimsy is playfully quaint, fanciful behavior or humor. I was already doing things like this all the time, so I started documenting it.

    How did you get started?

    Years ago I had started a children's party company and after a while, I decided I wanted to start offering original characters to our line up. I had two little girls at the time so we were reading a lot of children's books. One day, I had a stroke of inspiration and wrote two of my own children's books featuring a mermaid and a fairy who were "Fairy Best Friends." We got photos taken and read the book at our parties.

    When I sold my company because we were moving across the country, I couldn't bear to give up these characters; so I brought them with me, fully intending to start my business again. Although the idea of doing another party business lost its appeal, I still wanted to incorporate it into my next adventure which was still forming at the time. One day, I just had a funny image of a mermaid trying to chase human kids around and the stay at home mermaid was born!

    Do you have a favorite mermaid fairy tail (see what I did there? haha) besides The Little Mermaid?

    Hmm. I'm actually not super aware of many mermaid fairy tales other than The Little Mermaid. I have always been a HUGE fan of fairy tales though. I love short stories that are a little silly, with fun rhymes or stories that have a little bit of everything, adventure, romance, mystery, danger. I was (and still am!) a sucker for a good story.

    What's your favorite part about being a mermaid?

    I love interacting with children. Absolutely love it. I see so much of my younger self in their eyes and want to make all their dreams come true. One thing I've learned is how influential you can be to these kids, in a tail or not. They just want to be loved and accepted and listened to.

    What kind of mermaid are you?

    A tired one. Haha! No, I would say a playful one who loves adventure and laughter.

    Which ocean would you like to live in?

    Whatever one is the warmest haha!

    Do you custom make all of your tails or do you have an artisan make it for you?

    Whew I wish I made them! No, I bought mine from different tail makers around the area. My current pink one is from Finfolk Productions and my orange one from my book is from the Mertailor.

    My goal is to get a full silicone tail someday but I'd need to sell quite a few books to do that. Which is silly because offer my eBook for free! (Find it here http://www.hellowhimzy.com/free-ebook/)

    How much do your tails weigh? Are you able to swim in them?

    You know-- I've never actually weighed it! We don't even have a scale in my house.... well, not that kind of scale anyway.  Haha. I'd say it's close to 20 pounds. And yes! I can totally swim in it!

    How do you balance the mommy and the mermaid life?

    Some days it sure doesn't feel like I'm balancing anything. Haha. But I've learned that if I include my kids in whatever it is I'm doing, it makes it easier to get things done. It's fun family time and the kids feel special and included. Other days, I'm just running (or I should say, swimming) on Diet Coke and a prayer.

    Any advice for new burgeoning mermaids?

    You bet! To those wanting to be a mermaid, (and not yet aspiring to the honor of Stay at Home Mermaid) get comfortable in your skin, find your squad, your tribe. Do what you love and take chances.

    To my mama mermaids I want to say, take it one day at a time. Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy the little moments. You are after all, the most majestic creature on earth. 

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  • Styling Graphic Tees to flatter your Body Shape

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    You can’t do justice to your funky graphic tees or your gorgeous figure, unless and until you style up your tees with the aim of ravishing your specific body type.

    Here’s something that you’ll find immensely helpful:


     Apple Body Shape TeesApple Body Shape Tees

    The women categorized under Apple shape are a bit fuller and have beautiful, rounded curves. Therefore, the styling strategy should be wearing staples that make their waist appear smaller, and structured, while giving your profile a gentle, inward push.

    We advise you to pair up your graphic tees with high-waist flared pants, as the high-waist will make your waist appear smaller while putting an invisibility spell on your mid-section. Similarly, high-waist pencil skirts are also a fine idea to make your waist look slimmer and smarter. You also invest in high waist midi skirts.

    Be sure to steer clear of skinny jeans, as they won’t work in your favour. Instead, invest in straight-leg pants, high-waist flared denims, and ankle pants. It’s always a great idea to pick out a sharp blazer, cropped denim jacket or square-shouldered outwear staples to give your upper body a nicely structured appeal.


    Pear Body TeesPear Body Tees

    If you have thin and lean upper body, with a heavy, busty chest, thighs and rounded hips, you are a pear shaped woman. Your styling goal is to pair up your graphic tees with staples that slim down your hips and upper thighs while accentuating your heavy chest and the small of your waist.

    We suggest you to pair up your tees with cropped blazers, denim or leather jackets, as they will give your busty chest the support it needs and will highlight your small waist. Be sure to steer clear of curve-hugging staples, as they will only drive attention to your problem areas. Instead, invest in dark bottoms that will slim up your legs.

    We advise you to play up your graphic tees with straight-leg pants and skinny jeans as they will encase your curvy legs in a tight fit. Always pick out denims that are faded from the upper thighs or the calves, as to avoid drawing attention to your weighty areas.

    Low-waist pants, denims and skirts are the best tricks to slim up your lower body, along with midi-skirts and fluted maxi skirts.

    Straight or Banana

    Strait body teesStrait body tees

    The women who boast an athletic built with thin lower and upper body ae categorized under straight or banana shape. If you’re an athletic woman, your aim is to pick out staples that will create an illusion of curves, along with flaunting your skinny bod with fierce confidence.

    We advise you to pair up your graphic tees with structured miniskirts, ruffled pants, tiered skirts, flared pants or denims, and all the other bottom staples that have a lot of fabric to give your figure a fuller appeal.


    Hourglass body teesHourglass body tees

    You are the goddess of every dream! A woman with hourglass body shape is brimming with an abundance of curves. She’s got a busty chest, sensually rounded hips and a thinner than thin waist. If you’re such a woman, we advise you to play up your curves to the hilt, and pair your graphic tees with sharply structured pencil skirts, cropped denims, high-waist shorts and minis for a curvy delight of an outfit!

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  • 10 ways to make your graphic tees amazingly on point for work

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    Graphic tees are just what we need to infuse insanely chic contemporary vibe in our work wear . There’s a delightful array of staples and trends to play up our graphic treasures for a new look every day.

    Here, see for yourself:

    Pencil Glam

    A tight-fitted and well-structured pencil skirt is just what you need to give your graphic tee a bossy glamour. It’s the perfect low-key yet sharply on-point statement for work, and it will give you a sexier formal vibe as opposed to those awkward and lanky pantsuits.

    Just be sure to go for the pencil skirts in subdued or neutral hues, such as nude, white, black, beige, brown, tan, and blue. Play up your sleekest pair of pointy-toe black stilettos or a neutral pair of pumps, and seal this statement with a sharp blazer or even a knee-long trench coat to kill ‘em with looks.

    Suit Up!

    Why not pair your intensely funky and boldly graphic tees with body-hugging pant suit for an insanely voguish moment of menswear. Pick out a pant-suit that flatters your body shape and gives your figure a sexy, curve-hugging fit. Seal the statement with a killer pair of Louboutins and a dark-hued power briefcase.

    Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton have a stunning variety of body-fitted power suits, designed to flatter the curves and body shapes of all corporate women. You can even pick out a power suit with a blazer and a sharp pencil skirt, or even sleek matching separates with a chic blazer-jacket.

    Insanely Trenched

    If you work in the Fashion industry or perhaps an advertising firm where there are no rules against denim, you can rock your favourite tees-atop-denim statement with a chic statement coat. Go for a long trench coat that gives your look a structured and presentable appeal without compromising the contemporary sass of your casual outfit.

    A perfect pick for days you’re running horridly late or even days when you can’t be bothered to change your slept-in denims and tee. Finish off this look with a sexy pair of dark ankle boots, and a large tote.

    Biker Girl Sass

    Here’s an incredibly sleek and sharp idea for rocking a biker girl chic statement with a sexy leather jacket and a sassy graphic tee! Pick out a dark and bold statement tee and feel free to play up vibrant colour palettes in the base layer.

    Pair it up with sleek and dark bottoms, such as skinny jeans, ankle pants, high-waist pants, or create a leather-on-leather statement with a structured leather pencil skirt, or leather leggings perhaps. Seal your statement with a hot leather jacket in black, brown, nude, or white colour.

    Sharply Blazed

    A sharp and chic blazer is all you need to exude stylish, sassy vibes with a vibrantly graphic tee. Paired with a curve-hugging pair of ankle pants, cropped pants or perhaps, wide-legged high waist pants, this statement will garner you a powerful dose of lady boss glamour.

    You can even work this look with a funky pair of skinny denims; just be sure to seal the statement with a neutral coat and sleek black stilettos.

    Army Greens

    For a casual yet powerful look for your bold graphic tee, pick out your military green jacket, and pair it up with your darkest and hottest bottoms. We urge you to experiment with staples like leather pants, pencil skirts, leggings, or skinny jeans. An army jacket will give you a powerful look that will immediately grab attention without giving you a usual, boring, and formal look. This is hands down the perfect look for a dominatingly sexy contemporary casual ensemble.

    Go High!

    High waist pants are definitely the hottest fashion staple for a sleekly elegant and gracefully chic work wear ensemble to play up with a statement graphic tee. You can experiment with lots of styles, like printed floral high-waist pants with a neutral tee, an-all white or black graphic statement, or perhaps, dark pants with a funky tee and a sharp blazer.

    The variety is truly endless; you can also play up your high-waist denim jeans, skirts, or other skinny pants that give your legs a curve-hugging fit.

    Midi Madness

    Midi skirts are amazingly appropriate for work, and these beauties will allow you to flaunt a moment of irresistible grace and romantic femininity. The best part is that midi skirts are perfect for a look that is minimal and chic, as opposed to maxi or miniskirts that tend to be loud and over-powering.

    For a softly casual work-mode statement, just pick out a free-flowing or even a sharply structured high-waist midi skirt, and pair it up with your favourite bright-hued graphic tees. Pick out skirts in stripes, floral prints, neutral hues, plaid, or textured fabrics, like mesh, lace, and leather, silk and even metallic prints. Pair up this ensemble with a sexy pair of ankle boots!

    Denim Swag!

    Denim jackets are the most versatile and stylish of all fashion staples a girl could ever own. The hottest trick to play up the chic contemporary casual look of denim is to flaunt it with vibrant and loud graphic tees and eye-catching bottoms. We urge you to rock this stylish look with sharply structured pencil skirts, floral pants, and leather pants.

    You can even flaunt a denim-on-denim statement with curve-hugging skinny jeans and sharply sleek denim lace-up boots.

    Voguishly Tweed

    Tweed is a glamorously chic fabric that can infuse your sassiest and brightest graphic tees with voguishly dominating, lady boss vibes. You can play up a chic tweed blazer, tweed pants, pencil skirt or perhaps a tweed pantsuit. Be sure to keep your statement dark and broody, with neutral tones or go for nude, black, and white. Colourful tweed prints in red, pink and orange are always a wonderful idea to splash some colour in your outfit.

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