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  • A Story of Attorney and Avid Reader: Teresa Ann's Legal Journey Intertwined with a Passion for Books...And This is the Story She Wears

    January 04, 2024 3 min read


    "Find time to do what makes you happy. Even if you feel like you have no time at all, you can choose to prioritize yourself!"

     Teresa Ann


           In today's fast-paced world, it seems like there's always something pulling us in multiple directions. We're busy with work, family obligations, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. It can be hard to find time for ourselves, to do the things that bring us joy and fulfillment. But as Teresa Ann reminds us, it's crucial to prioritize ourselves, even if it means just carving out a few moments each day to engage in activities that make us happy.

           Teresa is best known as @no.time.to_read on Instagram, where she's been building a following around her love of fantasy and sci-fi novels. She's also a busy mom, a full-time lawyer, and a crafter and gardener in her spare time. But despite all her obligations, she's found a way to make time for herself and her hobbies - and she wants to encourage others to do the same. In Teresa's words,


    "I had realized recently I'd only been giving myself time to be a lawyer or a mom, and not much space to just be Teresa. I have my own interests and hobbies that deserve my time and attention, too!"


           Teresa's love for reading blossomed during her childhood, thanks to her grandfather's encouragement, setting the foundation for her lifelong passion for literature. Her immigrant grandfather would pay her and her sister $1 for every book they read over the summer, and Teresa fell in love with fantasy novels for their ability to transport her to new worlds. However, as she got older and started focusing on her studies, she lost touch with her love of reading. It wasn't until the pandemic hit that she found her way back to her passion.


    Teresa is wearing: I Heart Books in Vintage Black


           As @no.time.to_read, Teresa inspires others to rediscover their love of reading and make time for themselves. Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful photos of books and book-related crafts, along with heartfelt and insightful reviews. She's also built a supportive community of fellow book lovers who share her interests and passions.

           Of course, building an online following doesn't come without challenges. Teresa admits that she struggles with self-doubt and sometimes feels like she'll never be able to reach the level of other influencers. But she reminds herself of why she started in the first place: to have a creative outlet and to connect with others who share her interests.


    "When I focus on that, I remember there is no succeeding or failing on bookstagram, only having fun!" she says.


           And having fun is exactly what Teresa encourages others to do. Whether it's through reading, crafting, gardening, or just taking a long walk, she believes everyone deserves to make time for the activities that bring them joy and fulfillment. After all, as she reminds us, "You can choose to prioritize yourself!"

           So if you're feeling overwhelmed by all of life's demands, take a cue from Teresa and make time for yourself. Who knows—you might just rediscover a passion you'd long forgotten. And even if you don't, you'll at least have given yourself permission to prioritize your own happiness.


    Teresa is wearing: I Heart Books in Vintage Black


           In the quest to reclaim time for personal passions, Teresa Ann offers a valuable piece of advice to fellow enthusiasts looking to infuse more reading into their lives. For those caught in the whirlwind of a hectic schedule, she recommends exploring the world of audiobooks.


    "Consider incorporating audiobooks into your daily routine," suggests Teresa.


           Whether commuting, tackling household chores, or enjoying a leisurely stroll, audiobooks provide a versatile avenue for literary engagement. By seamlessly weaving stories into moments that would otherwise be task-oriented, you can effortlessly integrate the joy of reading into even the busiest of days. So, if traditional reading time seems elusive, let audiobooks accompany you on your daily activities and discover a newfound appreciation for the literary world.

           Teresa Ann's advice encourages individuals to embrace innovative solutions that align with their lifestyles, transforming mundane moments into opportunities for literary exploration.


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