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The Most Popular Graphic T-shirt Trends

Summers are back and so are the T-shirts. The Days are gone when Tees were considered as just a basic and boring wardrobe essential. T-shirts are now more trendy and better than ever. The trendsetters in Hollywood can’t stop rocking the old school graphic T-shirts while showing their affection and association to their favorite people and we can’t get enough of watching them look all stylish in these iconic T-shirts. The best thing about these T-shirts is you can easily dress up or dress down, according to the occasions. Graphic Tees are all the hype, with their iconic logos and impacting quotes, they are some of the most trendy and interesting fashion wear to have this season. Here are some of the T-shirt styles that you must have as your wardrobe essentials.

Fun quotation

We have seen T-shirts with fun quotes all over the Instagram and Tumblr and we can’t wait to try these on. Recently the style icon of Hollywood street fashion, Gigi Hadid, was spotted wearing a plain white T-shirt with a quote, ‘lol you are not Zayn Malik’ and after that, twitter had a meltdown over the public display of affection by the two love birds. This is not only trendy, but beautiful and stylish. Plus, there isn’t just one way to wear these T-shirts. If it is hot outside, simply turn into a crop top or add some of your favorite jewelry and wear it to a fabulous night out with friends.

TV show reference

This is one of the most innovative ways to look trendy in a T-shirt. You can get a quote printed on your T-shirt from your favorite TV-series. People get more excited while meeting someone wearing their favorite TV-show T-shirt. It’s like you are recommending your favorite TV show to everyone around you. It’s hard to have your own favorite TV show and not have a T-shirt reference to it! Even Hollywood celebrities and our favorite YouTubers can’t stop rocking their favorite TV show T-shirts as well. We have spotted many YouTubers and celebrities wearing flesh, arrow, BAZINGA and friends T-shirt and we are already looking for our favorite one. A great place to look for these trendy wearables is at Thread Tank, which offers an elaborate collection of iconic graphic Tees in a range of styles and colors.

Cartoon T-shirts

If you think wearing a cartoon T-shirt is not your thing, think again. We have all seen our favorite celebrities rocking the old Disney T-shirts and the best thing about this is you can wear it anywhere you want. If you want to dress a little formal, just throw on a blazer and you are good to go. We have seen celebrities wearing these cartoon T-shirts with blazer even on award shows and concert, and this is one of the best semi-formal combination we can think of.

Band T-shirts

If you don’t own a nirvana, pink Floyd or Guns and Roses T-shirt, trust us, you need to catch up on a lot of things. We use to think band T-shirts was very 90’s, but all these Hollywood stars wearing these beautiful band T-shirts are giving everyone nostalgia, and most of us are already trying to figure out where to get these T-shirts to follow the trend, once again! Many airport looks and stars at concerts have been spotted wearing band T-shirts with their leather jackets and it has become a rock star attire for us.

 Evidently, the graphic Tee trend is back with a bang. From quotes to sentiments to logos, cartoons and more, these cool T-shirts are putting up a show, everywhere! Some of the best tees and the latest styles of graphic Tees can be found at Thread Tank. Why bother to spend time looking through shops when you can get your shirt delivered to your doorstep. So, why the wait? Get yourself your favorite Tee today!




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