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Taking Your Body Measurements

May 01, 2017 3 min read

Nothing can stun the crowds the way a woman clad in a figure hugging gown does. Your sensuality is accentuated by every cut and curve of the seamlessly fitted dress which ravishes your inner goddess and allows you to show off your natural assets to the best.

The secret alluring power of a figure hugging dress lies in the way it drapes itself around your body, much like a second skin; thus, an impeccable fit is a sheer necessity. If you want to flaunt a figure-hugging and flawlessly tailored fit, you must understand your key body measurements, i.e. chest, waist, hips, inseams, thighs, and underarms. You can always run off to a tailor or ask your friend to do it for you.

But the best and most accurate way is to grab a soft tape measure and tackle the task yourself. After all, no one knows your body better than you do! So, go through the following steps and the next time you order clothes online or hunt down the perfect t-shirt, you would know exactly which size to buy.

It’s very simple; here take a look at how it’s done:


To measure your bust, you stand straight and wrap the tape measure around your bust by taking it around your spine and underneath your arm pits. Make sure you keep the tape straight, and hold both its ends at the heaviest part of your bust.

Don’t pull too tightly because that will distort the accuracy of the measurements by making it too tight. Instead, take a deep breath and hold the tape measure loosely together as you note down the measurement.


Now, you must measure your natural waist to get that perfectly tailored fit that will ravish the small of your back and add to shape to your luscious curves. Take the tape measure around your back, and wrap it around the area between your bottom rib and your hip bone.

This area is your natural waist. To ensure that you get the accurate measurements, take a deep breath and relax your tummy instead of holding your breath in and tightening it up. Add about a quarter-inch to the actual value you noted off the tape measure just to make sure that the measurements you take are not too tight.


In order to get an accurate measurement of your hips, you need to wrap the tape around the widest part. In most cases, the hip bone is usually the widest part that is 1-2 inches lower and gives your butt its fullness. However, all women have unique body shapes and no two women are alike. So, you need to find your own standing-off point to locate the widest part of your hips.

Be sure to stand straight while you take your hip measurements else you might end up recording inaccurate information. Also, standing in front of the mirror while you measure the circumference of your hips is really helpful.


Your inseams are basically the measurements of the distance from your upper thigh to your ankle, and it can be measured in several ways. You can always ask your tailor or a friend to help measure your pants from crotch to the ankle.

Or you can attack this task without any help. Just grab a tight fitted pair of pants that you adore because how perfectly they fit you, and begin to measure the inseams. Basically you must measure the distance between your inner most upper thighs and bring it all the way to the bottom of your ankle, or the hem as most people

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