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threadTALK Blog Series 11: Thoughts of a Midlife Influencer with Isabella Thorp

September 20, 2019 3 min read

Have you wondered why some people seem to keep getting younger and younger as they age? The number one thing with staying young is to take care of what's going on, on the inside first. See how Isabella is celebrating her life at the age of 50 and she's definitely not slowing down for anyone. Learn her secrets to a happy and healthy life as she ages gracefully.

QTell us a little bit about yourself and your Instagram page. How did you get your start being a content creator and what steps did you take to get to where you are today?

AI started @confessionsofasuperager quite accidentally almost 2 years ago on the behest of a friend who thought I would make for a good “fashion influencer” as she explained the ins and outs of a shopping app via Instagram where she got the cute top, I complimented her on…I remember looking at her and saying “yes and I should call myself @confessionsofasuperager. The next day I created my personal account on IG and here I am going on almost 2 years with close to 20k followers and getting paid for my collaborations creating content for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Aside from influencing, I am also a wife to my husband Peter, we are celebrating 10 years on Oct. 3rd, a mom to 2 wonderful children Matt who is 27 and Lexi who is going on 25. I am also a stepmom to three amazing boys and recently became a Gigi (glam gram) to Owen who is 8 mos. old. How did I get to where I am? 1) Just start 2) Establish a niche and goal for yourself... I knew I wanted to be a voice and an inspiration for women in their midlife, I set a goal of reaching 10K my first year… 3) Be authentic 4) Be consistent 5) Post good content 6) Engage with your followers because how else can you expect them to be loyal.

Confessions Of A Super Ager Wearing At My Age I Need Glasses

Isabella is wearing our "At My Age I Need Glasses Relaxed Crew Tee"

QWe love your tagline "embracing midlife in style" do you mind talking more about that and what it means to you?

AWhen I first started @confessionsofasuperager I was approaching 50. I had 2 choices, I was either going celebrate turning 50 with the biggest bang imaginable or be depressed about it. I chose to embrace this journey, and live it in style and along the way hope to inspire other midlifers” to do so as well because why should we stop caring now that we’ve reached a certain age.


QWhat is something that you get asked all the time in regards to your page, and how do you respond?

A“How do you look so young?” “What’s your beauty secret?” I have to thank the genes I am blessed with which accounts for 50%, 40% I attribute to Self-Care, - skincare, working out, clean eating etc. The 10% you can buy makeup, Botox (which I do every 6 months to prevent the wrinkles I already have from being more defined) and others like fillers and such which I have not tried yet.

QDo you have any advice for women who are currently struggling to embrace their age?

AI think the main struggle and I can speak for myself as a woman now in her 50’s is that feeling of being invisible, obsolete that you no longer matter especially if like me you are an empty nester. My advice first and foremost is to take care of yourself. Whatever you need to do to care “for you” mentally, spiritually, physically – Do it. The other advice is to create your own silver lining… cultivate positivity in your life.

QWhat are you most excited/fascinated about currently?

AI am most excited about seeing influencers on social media who are like me in their 50’s 60’s and 70’s paving the way and proving that our golden years are the best to come!

QLastly, we love that you were able to relate your story with our designs. If you were to give a title to your life story, what would it be and why?

AAlways in a state of “re-invention”

Rapid fires:

  • Favourite skincare brand? I don’t have one because I personally change up my skincare routine all the time… I simply believe that skincare is important I don’t care if you spend $300 on a serum or $20 just use one, ultimately it will do your skin good. 
  • Best fashion trend? Currently loving puff sleeves or any type of sleeve drama, dark floral dresses and snake print
  • Worst fashion trend? Crocs


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1 Response

Style Beyond Age
Style Beyond Age

September 27, 2019

Love that you included Isabella in your blog series. At 67 I enjoy everything she does she is a force of nature.

Cheers to you and Isabella!

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