Bookish Beacon of Hope: Hanna Lambert's Victory Over Postpartum Anxiety

Bookish Beacon of Hope: Hanna Lambert's Victory Over Postpartum Anxiety


"Before I became a mom, I was into sports, volleyball specifically, very outgoing and a people person. However, I became a mom during Covid. Had my first baby April 2020. My lifelong anxiety took a DRASTIC turn for the worse."

These words from Hanna Lambert, also known as @hannas.pageturner on Instagram, are a reminder that life can throw unexpected curveballs. In Hanna's case, becoming a first-time mom during a pandemic was a challenge that triggered her anxiety and depression. But instead of succumbing to these emotions, she found an unlikely source of comfort and escape: reading books.

Hanna started reading in September 2022, at the age of 28. She admits that she had never been a reader before, but something about the act of getting lost in a story and forgetting about her worries appealed to her. Soon, she became an avid reader of thrillers and suspense novels, genres that kept her on the edge of her seat and distracted from her anxiety.

In her own words, "Reading has become a daily thing for me. It's how I spend my 'me time' after my children go to bed. And I can't imagine my life without books now!"

This simple act of self-care has made a significant impact on her mental health and overall well-being.

Hanna's journey highlights the importance of finding healthy coping mechanisms, especially during challenging times. Whether it's reading, exercising, meditating, or engaging in hobbies that bring you joy, taking steps to take care of yourself can make all the difference.

As Hanna puts it,

"Breathe. Honor your feelings as they are valid and keep moving forward and pushing yourself to be the human you want to be."

In a world that can be overwhelming, taking control of our mental and emotional health can be a small but powerful act of resistance.

If you're looking for book recommendations, make sure to check out @hannas.pageturner. And remember, taking care of yourself is always worth the time and effort!

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