threadTALK Blog Series 7: Thoughts of a Travel Blogger with Meghan Knudson

We all need to travel more and I’m guilty of putting things off because of how busy life gets. But this next Travel Blogger made her life a mission to see the globe. Say hello to Meghan Knudson our special guest in this month's blog series.  She's going to take us on an adventure around the world in a weekend so sit tight!

Q Tell us a little bit about yourself and your Instagram page. How did you get your start as a travel blogger?

A My entire Instagram/blogging career started about 3 years ago when my husband and I were travelling and taking pictures of our adventures. As my account grew, it opened up more and more opportunities to work with my favourite brands while I continued with my passion to travel the world. Now we are lucky enough to be spending 2018 travelling at least once a month! Now we get to share our favourite places to go, products to use, things to do, and so much more.

Q How were you able to grow your page to such a large following? Do you have any tips and tricks for bloggers who are just starting out?

A Thank you! It has taken a lot of hard work over the years. When just starting out, my biggest piece of advice is to resist the urge to give up. The first thousands of followers are the hardest! It will be slow and you will feel like it’ll never happen, but I truly believe if you want something bad enough it will happen because you will MAKE it happen. Join groups of like-minded people, engage with tons of accounts (both like you and those you think would be interested in your work), and make sure you are having fun. If you’re not, it will be obvious and the content won’t stand out!

Meghan Knudson walking on the beach santorini greece

Photo by Meghan Knudson

Q What is one question you get asked all the time being a travel blogger, and how do you respond?

A The one question I always get is - what was the favourite place you’ve been to so far? This is SUCH a hard question for me because we have travelled to such diverse locations. To me, it really depends on what type of mood I’m in. Do I want to be adventurous? Do I want to relax on the beach? Do I want to be surrounded by history? Each of these has a different answer. So I always like to flip it back on them and ask - what is it that you’re really looking for? And then I love to help them find the best location for them because each of us is so different!

Q I know a lot of aspiring travel bloggers would love to know: Is travel blogging your full-time job? If not, how do you balance your day job with all the travelling? If so, how were you able to get to that point?

A Yes! Blogging is now my full-time job. For anyone looking to make it their full-time job, too, you will have to put in way more work than you think. I was working a full-time marketing job while working on blogging from the second I woke up to the second I went to sleep. It was exhausting. And for the longest time I didn’t see any money coming in or growth, but I kept trying. Don’t give up and keep pitching brands, checking out apps that link brands and influencers, using growth strategies. Eventually it will pay off.

Where do you get your travel inspiration on where to go and what to do? Do you usually plan out your trips or go with the flow?

I am absolutely a planner. Most of our trips consist of staying in one city for only a couple of days and then moving onto the next. We try to see all we possibly can in a short time! Our inspiration can come from other travel bloggers, or most often we look at our map of places we’ve been vs. places we haven’t and think about what vibe we are looking for, then make a list. From that list, we contact the countries tourism boards and see if there is anything they were looking to promote that we can help with.

Meghan Knudson Female Wearing Wanderlust Travel Charcoal Relaxed Tee Sitting On Staircase

Meghan Knudson is sporting our Wanderlust Travel Tee.

Rapid Fires:
Light or heavy packer? Light! I’ve become an expert.
How many suitcases have you gone through? 3 so far
Favourite airline? Too hard to pick!

Q Lastly, we love that you were able to relate your story with our designs. If you were to give a title to your life story, what would it be and why?

A The World in a Weekend. We love to travel the world and see each place in just a few short days, and share how people with a 9-5, not a ton of vacation time, a small budget - how they can still travel and see everything they dreamed of.


Meghan Knudson holding umbrella tippy toe

Photo by Meghan Knudson

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