Always Stay Humble and Kind

        2017 is the year to ‘Always Stay Humble and Kind’ and there is a good reason why. With the start of the New Year, we’re constantly looking for ways to change and to better ourselves.  A simpler way to put it, making New Year resolutions. Yes, we've all been through these chapters in our lives.  We've all made promises to start getting in shape, eat healthier or write a novel.  These all sound great but most of us just set these goals and forget about them as the year goes on. (Don’t worry; we didn’t forget about the ones that reach their goals! Awesome job!)  However, a resolution doesn't have to be a change to our good or bad habits.  We need to understand that every year there are 12 new chapters and 365 chances to change.  

       Which is why this year, we will focus on one motto, ‘Always Stay Humble and Kind’. It’s a simple goal yet have outstanding results. To stay humble is to remember that we are all equal to one another and that we must remember to never take anything or anyone for granted. Because when you surround yourself with humbleness, it also means you know how to ground yourself. There has been a lot of negativity going around the world at the moment, but we have to stay kind throughout all of this. Staying kind will not only help us but others around us. Being kind means being compassionate and considerate of not just others but also to whom you are as a person. It is that simple and easy. A resolution that we can all easily follow, remember and live by.
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