A Coffee Lover's Tale: How Stephanie Found Solitude in Books and Brews

A Coffee Lover's Tale: How Stephanie Found Solitude in Books and Brews


"Stay positive. Better days are on their way."

These words from Stephanie, the creator of @coffeestainsandpages on Instagram, are a perfect sentiment to start this blog article about her love for romance books and her passion for nature.


At the age of 21, Stephanie discovered the joys of reading as a way to escape from the stress of work and wedding planning. Starting with just one book a month, she now reads up to five books a month! Stephanie's love for romance books has blossomed, and her Instagram page is filled with book recommendations, reviews, and personal reflections on her reading journey.




But Stephanie's love for reading goes beyond just the pages of a book; she also has a deep appreciation for nature. She and her husband love to go camping with their dog, Nova, to disconnect from the digital world and immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. For Stephanie, being in nature is a way to calm her mind, embrace the present moment, and reconnect with herself.


Despite being an influencer, Stephanie has not faced direct criticism. However, she has received the occasional negative comment about a book she reviewed. But Stephanie handles it gracefully, acknowledging that not everyone will love the same books, and that is perfectly okay.


When it comes to her mantra, Stephanie lives by the phrase"Stay positive. Better days are on their way"—it's a simple yet powerful reminder to maintain a positive outlook, even in challenging times. And speaking of life lessons, Stephanie's best advice is to do what you love and stop worrying about what others think or the things you can't control. Life is too short to waste it on things that don't bring you joy.


If you're looking for some book recommendations or want to share your love of romance books with Stephanie, make sure to check out her Instagram page @coffeestainsandpages. And if you're ever embarking on a soul-searching backpacking trip, take Stephanie's suggestions and bring along a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.




In conclusion, Stephanie's love for reading and nature is a beautiful reminder to embrace what brings us joy and to be kind to ourselves and others. So, let's take a page out of Stephanie's book and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, whether that's curling up with a book or going for a walk in nature.

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