Graphic Tee: 4 Simple Styling Tips

Graphic tops are soft, comfy and easy to wear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish with the basics. Graphic tees are back in fashion with vintage designs, words, sayings and simple graphics on basic styles.

Here’s how to look stylish and add a little bit of fancy to basic graphic t-shirts.

Tee + Jewelry, a simple necklace helps draw attention towards the chest. Yes, even when you're wearing a tee. Other great accessories you could wear include headbands, rings, bangles and bracelets. Colorful visors are are also making a come-back this year (2015).

Tee + Jacket Wrap, you can wrap any type of jacket around, whether it's a flannel top or a cardigan, it acts as an accessory for a more interesting outfit.

Tee + Knot, a little knot to the side adds a slight draped look to your shirt, adding depth. It also draws attention to the waistline towards the knot.

Tee + Tuck, simple stick a thumb-full of shirt into your bottoms on your favorite side. Doing so will reveal any details on your waistline including cute belts, chains or other details that may be on your bottoms.



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What is the alien shirt in the tee+knot section called? How do I find it?


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