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I Am Unable To Quit As I Am Currently Too Legit

I Am Unable To Quit As I Am Currently Too Legit

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Too legit to quit means you are determined and won't give up no matter what. It's a phrase made famous by the 1990s hip-hop group, MC Hammer, and his hit song of the same name. The phrase has become a popular catchphrase among pop culture fans and those who use it to describe their own determination to keep going in life, no matter how tough it gets. So don't worry, when you're faced with adversity, just remember that you're too legit to quit!

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Printed on our Classic Slouchy Sweatshirt


Modern regular fit

Stylish raw neckline

Soft lightweight cotton blends

Endless compliments


This slouchy sweatshirt is the perfect antidote to your usual plain sweats. Made of a soft polyester blend that stands up to washing, it has long sleeves, a wide raw neckline, and the answer to all your clothing dilemmas.

Care Guide

1. Machine wash on cold using mild detergent.

2. Tumble dry low, or air dry to minimize your carbon footprint & maximize your product’s lifetime.

You could tumble dry low, but if you ask us, a clothesline is the ticket. Hang drying means more fresh air for your clothes, and the planet.

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