myStory by extraordinary humans

This section is dedicated to the wonderful individuals who shared why this design touched them the most. Everyone is on a unique path but the journey is very similar. Let's learn from these messages of wisdom, joy and sorrow by extraordinary humans.

Miale Rabun

Austin, TX



“When I found out that I was going to be a mama my mind raced with thoughts about who my little babe would be and what kind of mother I would become. I’ve always struggled fitting inside the box of titles different seasons of life label us as and I’ve often found myself doing things in my own time. Gaining the title of “mom” was something I knew I’d have to define for myself. When I found out I was having a little girl I knew there were morals and ideals I wanted to pass down to her that I’d been taught by my own mother. 

Growing up with a single mom was something I didn’t learn to appreciate until later in life. Just the two of us eating microwave pizza on the floor of our furniture-less tiny lake condo while jamming Gun’s & Roses was something I have grown to smile about. It is in those memories I find strength and confidence in who I now am. I knew when my daughter was born I wanted her to live a life feeling empowered, independent and free just like I felt on those nights dancing around an empty living room with my mom to some serious guitar riffs by our main man Slash. Rock N’ Roll is about rejecting the norm and living life out of the box even though that’s hard sometimes and I hope my girl will dance to the music and enjoy all the pizza this mama can give her.”


Emily Hendricks

Boulder, CO



"Everybody has a day, or multiple days, that changed their lives forever. Some may say it’s their wedding day, some may say it’s the day they became a homeowner for the first time. No offense to my wonderful husband who I live with in our first home, but the day that I’m here to share about is the day I gained the title “aunt.” My sister and her husband brought my adorable nephew into the world and proved to me that auntin’ truly ain’t easy. Auntin’ means giving the best hugs, always being there for them, and being ready to build a blanket fort at the drop of a hat. I’m held to a high standard by my nephew. To him, I can do anything which can be a tough standard to uphold. Auntin’ may not be easy, but it’s the story I want to keep on telling.