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Timeless classic tees

Every piece is uniquely designed and printed on our signature style Relaxed Crew Tees.

3 Available Colors: Heather Grey, Heather Black, and Vintage White
Size: S-2XL

The Perfectionist

1Enneagram Ones keep us in line. They follow the rules and remind us when we've broken them. Er-hem. That's why we picked "Stubborn with a Good Heart" and "There Their They're" for these perfectionists. They may have high standards, but they want what's best - for all of us.

The Helper

2The world keeps spinning thanks to Enneagram Twos. Seriously. Our Twos are helpers, givers, and... desperate for love. Please tell your Twos you love them. Otherwise, they will assume the worst! We picked "But First Let Me Overreact" and "Don't Succ Be Kind" for these sensitive and sweet souls!

The Achiever

Shop - Too Legit To Quit

3Enneagram Threes never quit and can be sassy - in the best way. So, "I Am Unable To Quit As I Am Currently Too Legit" and "All My Pants Are Sassy Pants" were OBVIOUS choices for our favorite go-getters. We envision Threes rocking these shirts as they out-perform the competition.

The Individualist

enneagram 2

4Each Enneagram Four is unique. There are no two alike. They are unicorns in a sea of mediocre donkeys. No one fully understands them - which is how they like it. Our choices for the Enneagram Four come from - and are modeled by - our favorite four, and co-founder, Leeann. "Embrace The Existential Dread" and "Plants are Friends" are quirky and profound - just like fours.

Shop - Embrace The Existential Dread

The Investigator

5If you push the right button on an Enneagram Five, you'll be treated to a tsunami of information. Our five friends go DEEP on what interests them; if you listen, you'll learn. A lot. Maybe more than you wanted.

The Loyalist

enneagram 2

6You'll want a few Enneagram Sixes on your "end of the world" team. These loyal skeptics are always prepared - usually prepared for the worst. Need the exit plan? Ask a six. Need a life raft? Ask a six. Need a loyal friend for your whole, entire life? Find six.

The Enthusiast

7Enneagram Sevens are FUN, spontaneous, and will avoid pain as much as possible. Not physical pain... they'll jump off a building onto a trampoline and bounce into a mason jar if it makes you laugh... but they'd also instead make their therapist LOL than dig deep into their feelings. Eww, David. 

The Challenger

Shop -  Underestimate Me

8Don't challenge an Enneagram Eight unless you're in the mood to lose. Eights eat conflict for breakfast with a side of "how dare you." Fiercely loyal and kind to their inner circle - Eights are the ones you want in your corner if something goes wrong. They will make it right. There may be blood - but it will all turn out okay.

The Peacemaker

If You Love Me Let Me Sleep

9Enneagram Nines would be happy (genuinely) with any shirt in THE ENNEAGRAM COLLECTION. These peacemakers can put themselves in anyone's shoes and understand how we all feel. That's what makes them unique. They want us all to get along - which is exhausting work.

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