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  • Type 6 - 'Loyalist'

    If you want someone who will always have your back, make sure to befriend an Enneagram Type 6. They'll go out of their way to help not only those they're loyal to, but also the friends and families of their loved ones. Besides being reliable and affable, they often bring a much-needed sense of unity to any group project. And if there's ever a problem that needs solving, these resourceful types will be more than happy to step up to the plate - especially when it comes maintaining harmony within a community.

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    Key Personality Traits of an Enneagram Type 6

    • Type Sixes are respectful of traditions and beliefs
    • Type Sixes are known to maintain life-long friendships
    • Type Sixes value honesty and openness
    • Type Sixes have talent for analyzing situations and solving logistical problems
    • Type Sixes focus on safety and security
    • Type Sixes have complex attitudes toward authority

    What it Means to be an Enneagram Type 6

    The Loyalist - What it means to be a Type 6 on the Enneagram

    Type Sixes have a detailed understanding of their deepest phobias and are always ready to tell you about them. They're aware of all the potential problems that could occur in any given situation, but that doesn't mean they're pessimists. In fact, they're orientated towards solving crises and will usually have the plans, strategies, and tools necessary to fix whatever goes wrong.

    Individuals with this personality type are always aware of their surroundings and the people in their lives. They have a need to know everything that is going on and to understand other people's motivations. They excel at picking up clues, subtext, and underlying motivation in conversations.

    Nosy or inquisitive?

    Those who have a strong preference for Type Six tend to want to understand the people in their lives. They are typically good at detecting clues, subtext, and underlying motivations during conversations by reading between the lines. The fear of betrayal is usually what drives Loyalists to need this deeper understanding of others. Hard-wired sceptics, they are quick to notice omissions, and they will ask questions when things don't make sense. When trying to fix a problem, their goal is not to point the finger or condemn anyone. However upset they may get, Loyalists are usually very forgiving and want to clear the air so that their relationships can improve.

    Type Sixes also have a strong awareness of authority figures in their lives. They worry about losing approval from anyone perceived as having power over them; however, they often also have a strong desire rebel against those people

    Dimensions of Type 6 - The Loyalist

    The three main dimensions of Enneagram Type 6

    When we analyze the core behaviors of each Enneagram type, we find that Type Sixes positively correlate with three key traits that we will call 'Dimensions.' Dimensions are behavioral indicators that substantiate a person's enneatype. Consider them as the foundations of a person's personality.

    There are three dimensions that correspond highly with the Type Six personality type. Knowing these helps to explain why this persona behaves as they do.


    If you're an Enneagram Type 6, it's likely that you generally suspect others' motives. You don't take anything at face value and are almost always skeptic. Rather than just blindly accepting new ideas, you want to test their validity first. Because of this, Type 6s often stick to conventional values and show loyalty to already existing beliefs--particularly those which have been tried,tested, and proven true.


    Enneagram Type 6s are statistically more likely to experience high levels of volatility due to their complex personalities. They often feel pulled in opposite directions and can appear either very traditional or rebellious against authority figures.


    Type 6s are usually quite altruistic, which means they are very loyal and generous to their friends. Even if they don't agree with them on everything, Type 6s will always try to offer support. This forgiving nature often leads them to do things for others that don't necessarily benefit themselves - hence the nickname 'The Loyalist'.

    Self-Efficacy (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Sixes often feel like they lack control in their relationships, goals, and identity. They constantly worry that external forces will override anything good they try to do.

    Spontaneity (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Sixes are significantly less spontaneous than the other Enneatypes. They take risks very carefully, always looking before they leap instead of throwing themselves into potential danger without a forethought.

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