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  • Type 5 - 'Investigator'

    Individuals with an Enneagram Type Five personality are motivated by seeking knowledge. They prioritize privacy, self-reliance, and efficiency. Fives usually prefer working where they can be alone and out of the spotlight so that they can quietly gather information and make observations. Although they don't crave attention, if encouraged to do so, these people can be very enthusiastic when sharing their expertise on a topic.

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    Key Personality Traits of an Enneagram Type 5 

    • Type Fives think before they speak
    • Type Fives love routines and loathe surprises
    • Type Fives avoid dramatic displays of emotion
    • Type Fives are independent and don't need others to survive.Type Fives are often preoccupied with thoughts
    • Type Fives value boundaries in relationships

    What it Means to be an Enneagram Type 5

    An outline of what it means to be a Type 5 - The Investigator

    Enneagram Type Fives are constantly collecting and analyzing data to achieve a greater understanding of the world around them. They assess their experiences mentally, rather than feeling them physically or emotionally, which can make it hard for them to act spontaneously. For instance, an Enneagram Type 5 who wants to learn how to dance may ask for lessons but spend most of the time observing their teacher's moves from the safety of the wall. Not until they have memorized all the movements will they attempt imitation.

    Type Fives are usually in their thoughts and can become so zoned out that they might not take care of their physical health or the cleanliness of where they live. They could come off as heartless and disconnected, but it originates from a place of being highly sensitive. When Type Fives were younger, they realized that retreating into their minds was a form on protection against an overwhelming world and emotions that would deplete them.

    Dimensions of Type 5 - The Investigator

    The three main dimensions of Enneagram Type 5

    Factor analysis on the core behaviors of each Enneagram type reveals that Type Fives have positive correlations with four 'Dimensions'--or specific indicators of behavior underlying a person's enneatype. You can think of Dimensions as the building blocks for personality.

    The four dimensions with strong correlation to Type 5 personality type help explain the motivations for their actions.


    People who identify as Enneagram Type 5 tend to feel confident in their ability to enact change, pursue goals, and generally control the direction of their life.


    Enneagram Type 5s tend to be highly complex individuals. They are able to develop sophisticated ideas and skills, which can sometimes make them seem absentminded or preoccupied. However, this also allows for a great deal of independent thought, making them natural ‘investigators’.\

    Cooperative (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Fives are less likely to want to cooperate with others. They would rather focus on their own intellectual and academic goals, not caring about whether or not they please other people.

    Volatile (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Fives are typically more emotionally stable than other enneatypes. They might come across as cool, calm, or even emotionless to those with a more volatile enneatype.

    Altruistic (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Fives are generally more detached than other Enneatypes when it comes to Altruism. They tend have a calmer, more matter-of-fact outlook on moral issues and shy away from including emotional responses in their decision making processes.

    Team-Oriented (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Fives are independent people who value their own goals and interests over those of a group. They find working in groups to be distracting and prefer to work alone.

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