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  • Type 4 - 'Individualist'

    Enneagram Type 4s have a lot going on inside their heads. They think deeply about things and care about being genuine and different from everyone else. They might feel like they're missing something important in their lives, which motivates them to keep pursuing their goals even when they seem out of reach. Many Type 4s are drawn to careers in the arts or helping others because they have a good sense of beauty and an understanding of the difficult parts of life.

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    Key Personality Traits of an Enneagram Type 4

    • Type Fours are internally focused
    • People who belong to the Type Four personality type value authenticity. This means that they like to be genuine and honest, both with themselves and in their relationships with other people.
    • Type Fours view themselves as original and very different from everyone else.
    • There are different types of people in the world. Some people, called Type Fours, pursue ideals in life, relationships, and work.

    What it Means to be an Enneagram Type 4

    An outline of what it means to be a Type 4 - The Individualist

    Type Fours are always trying to figure out who they are. They think about themselves a lot and how they fit in the world. Sometimes this can make them feel like they are not good enough, so they try hard to do things that will make them feel better. This can help them in their individual, relationship and work pursuits. Some people might spend their lives looking for something that will make them happy. This connection with their feelings can make them very kind and helpful to others. But if they have too much empathy, they might only focus on themselves and not worry about other people.

    Type 4 people are usually good at art because they have original ideas and can express them well. Their art might be sad or happy, but it always shows how they see the world.

    Thoughtful genius?

    People who are type 4 are very connected to their emotions and they are not afraid to explore them. This can lead to some really great work because it celebrates all the different emotions in the world, even the negative ones. People who are type 4 might not be as interested in practical things and they might start a lot of projects but not finish them. But they will always pursue things that they find depth and value in.

    Type Fours tend to create drama for those around them. They are also constantly changing how they feel, so others never know where they stand. When Type Fours are trying to calm themselves down and realize their own worth, they are the best type of person to be around when grieving.

    Dimensions of Type 4 - The Individualist

    The two main dimensions of Enneagram Type 4

    When we look at the core behaviors of each Enneagram type, we find that Type Fours have positive correlations with two core dimensions (traits). Dimensions are specific behavioral indicators that show a person's enneatype. You can think of them as the building blocks of a person's personality.

    The following two dimensions are key to understanding the Type 4's personality.


    An Enneagram Type Four often has high complexity. They spend a lot of time in their head and are able to develop complex thoughts and ideas. Even though it may seem like a Type 4 is very relaxed, their mind is always working hard on the inside.


    Enneagram Type Fours are often complex people who feel they lack in certain areas, causing high volatility and frustration.

    Self-Efficacy (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Fours sometimes doubt their abilities, feeling they cannot control the world around them. They may feel powerless or that external forces are out of their hands.

    Principled (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Fours can be less principled than they would like, and often evaluate moral systems using a critical perspective. They have pragmatic views of ethics and prefer this approach to blindly following arbitrary rules.

    Cooperative (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Fours are often seen as independent to a fault, as they aren't cooperative and don't conform or capitulate easily.

    Altruistic (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Four individuals tend to be less altruistic than others and are more likely to focus on their own problems, objectives, and desires. They may believe that people should get their own house in order before attempting to help others.

    Team-Oriented (Reversed)

    Enneagram Type Fours, or "Individualists," tend to avoid conforming to fit in with a group. They would rather stand out as unique individuals than blend into the mainstream.

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