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  • Decamom Life is the Best Life: Amy Maryon

    March 18, 2019 5 min read 34 Comments

    threadTALK Blog Series 5:

    Lights, camera, action!  On this edition of threadTALK - Influencer Blog Feature we have Amy Maryon, who is a stay at home mom of 10.  Yep!  TEN!

      Tell us a little bit about yourself and your YouTube channel - when did you start and what made you want to start?

       I am a stay at home mother of ten children. I started a blog years ago as a way to help encourage other mommas out there doing the same thing that I was doing. I offered free schooling materials for families that wanted to Homeschool but couldn't afford it. I felt led to give it away and trust that God would provide the ability to do it... In the last year, I have felt led to do more youtube videos as a way to share what I do in my home. I never would have guessed it would manifest as it has. In about six months time it has grown to provide a full-time income for our family. It is my heart to encourage other mommas and the Lord showed me that I would be doing that but being a mom who is at home all day I had no idea how I would be doing that. Now I see how God has opened a whole level of opportunity to minister to other mommas on a level I could have never been able to do it at home through youtube. It has been a huge blessing and confirmation that what I do has encouraged other mommas out there.

     threadTALK Blog Series March 2019 with Amy Maryon the Decamom Youtuber

      What's a typical day in your life like? Are there any tips and tricks that you swear by being such a large household?

      My life is very typical. I do the same daily tasks that most mommas do... clean, cook, pick up, kids, clean, cook, pick up, kids. Back in the day, it was clean, make food, nurse babies, change diapers, kids, repeat. We are all doing the same daily tasks just different kinds of crazy:). My tips and advice would be to simplify your life. In all areas: meals, chores, amount of stuff you have, activities, etc. When you simplify and have less stuff it gives you more of life....more time...to enjoy.

      Have How have you raised your kids differently from your first child leading to your most recent?

      Any challenges? Stressed more and more strict with the older ones. I did more book parenting and as I had more I realized there is no "right" way to raise kids. Each of them is different and if you love the Lord and make that your focus He will guide you each day. You can raise each child the same way and every one of them will go a different path. They are all made different and what works for one doesn't work for all. My older ones tell me all the time...."We weren't allowed to do that!". I say, "Yes but you were number 1,2,3, not number 10! You are my testers....... I've got lots of practice with this parenting thing...by the time number ten comes around I'll have it figured out :)" I have learned a lot and am constantly learning... it is best to enjoy life and spend more time playing.

      We love the advice about simplifying your life! In terms of meals, chores, and activities, how do you come to a consensus of deciding what to eat or do? Does everyone agree on one thing, or do you have to come to a compromise somehow?

    Life is always about compromising and working with others for a greater purpose. I definitely need the input of my family as for what meals they like. It isn't going to do any good to make something if no one likes it. I have found that if you cook with simplicity and good taste, most of the time everyone likes it. With the occasional kids going through a phase of not liking something. Sometimes they just don't like a meal no matter what I do with it and that is okay... I didn't invest tons of time preparing because it was simplified and we know not to make it anymore. Chores are simplified and scheduled out to be done throughout the week and month. This helps keep my stress level down when I am staring at fingerprints all over the window to know that on Tuesday they are going to get wiped off verses stressing about all that needs to be done in a day. If you have a designated laundry day you get it all done that day.. The rest of the week you don't worry about laundry even when it piles up because the following week you are going to do it again. This helps to know what to do each day and it gets done. Activities for our family are based around our family being together. We don't try and divide and spend time away..we try to do things that draw us together. Serving in our church, going to the park, spending the day at the lake, and hiking with friends. All activities that are simplified but you can do with a range of children so that everyone has fun.

    threadTALK blog series March 2019 Amy Maryon Decamom Husband Kids Hiking Family Photo

     We know you get tons of questions being a mom of 10. What is the number one question that you always get asked and how do you respond?

    How do you do it? Jesus. I only do what I do because of the grace-giving to me by the Lord to do what I do each day.

     threadTALK blog series March 2019 Amy Maryon Decamom Solo Photo

      Lastly, we love that you were able to relate your story with our designs. If you were to give a title to your life story, what would it be and why?

      ABUNDANTLY BLESSED - Thinking back to my early life...I would have never imagined that my life would be all that it is turning into. I have a wonderful husband who loves me, a beautiful family, I live in a gorgeous mountain area, have a home that I love, I am part of a wonderful body of believers at church, and I run a full-time business making a great income for our family. I serve a God with all my heart, soul, and mind and He has given me a life I could have never imagined. My life verse is Ephesians 3:20...Now to Him, that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or even think according to the power that lives in us.


    Follow Amy to learn more:

    YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Rv8rjTYEVLNyYTxjO7ffA

    Blog: www.plainandnotsoplain.com



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