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Styling Graphic Tees to flatter your Body Shape

You can’t do justice to your funky graphic tees or your gorgeous figure, unless and until you style up your tees with the aim of ravishing your specific body type.

Here’s something that you’ll find immensely helpful:


 Apple Body Shape TeesApple Body Shape Tees

The women categorized under Apple shape are a bit fuller and have beautiful, rounded curves. Therefore, the styling strategy should be wearing staples that make their waist appear smaller, and structured, while giving your profile a gentle, inward push.

We advise you to pair up your graphic tees with high-waist flared pants, as the high-waist will make your waist appear smaller while putting an invisibility spell on your mid-section. Similarly, high-waist pencil skirts are also a fine idea to make your waist look slimmer and smarter. You also invest in high waist midi skirts.

Be sure to steer clear of skinny jeans, as they won’t work in your favour. Instead, invest in straight-leg pants, high-waist flared denims, and ankle pants. It’s always a great idea to pick out a sharp blazer, cropped denim jacket or square-shouldered outwear staples to give your upper body a nicely structured appeal.


Pear Body TeesPear Body Tees

If you have thin and lean upper body, with a heavy, busty chest, thighs and rounded hips, you are a pear shaped woman. Your styling goal is to pair up your graphic tees with staples that slim down your hips and upper thighs while accentuating your heavy chest and the small of your waist.

We suggest you to pair up your tees with cropped blazers, denim or leather jackets, as they will give your busty chest the support it needs and will highlight your small waist. Be sure to steer clear of curve-hugging staples, as they will only drive attention to your problem areas. Instead, invest in dark bottoms that will slim up your legs.

We advise you to play up your graphic tees with straight-leg pants and skinny jeans as they will encase your curvy legs in a tight fit. Always pick out denims that are faded from the upper thighs or the calves, as to avoid drawing attention to your weighty areas.

Low-waist pants, denims and skirts are the best tricks to slim up your lower body, along with midi-skirts and fluted maxi skirts.

Straight or Banana

Strait body teesStrait body tees

The women who boast an athletic built with thin lower and upper body ae categorized under straight or banana shape. If you’re an athletic woman, your aim is to pick out staples that will create an illusion of curves, along with flaunting your skinny bod with fierce confidence.

We advise you to pair up your graphic tees with structured miniskirts, ruffled pants, tiered skirts, flared pants or denims, and all the other bottom staples that have a lot of fabric to give your figure a fuller appeal.


Hourglass body teesHourglass body tees

You are the goddess of every dream! A woman with hourglass body shape is brimming with an abundance of curves. She’s got a busty chest, sensually rounded hips and a thinner than thin waist. If you’re such a woman, we advise you to play up your curves to the hilt, and pair your graphic tees with sharply structured pencil skirts, cropped denims, high-waist shorts and minis for a curvy delight of an outfit!

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