Parenthood: Parent's Guide to Healthy Screen Time for Kids



Summer is knocking on the door as many school teachers breathe a sigh of relief, straighten up their classrooms and look forward to having some much-needed downtime. And as nice as this sounds, there is another side to this story. Many parents worry about how to juggle their own responsibilities and still make time to provide constructive activities for their children.

Anyone in the throes of parenthood can tell you that they feel as if their life is run by a small army of their own creation. They will also tell you that it is all too easy to hand their child a digital device to entertain them while they continue to cross off items on the very long list of things that must be done.
Knowing how much screen time is healthy is one way for parents to plan summer schedules without having to wonder if they will damage their children by using the electronic babysitter too much.

David Anderson, Ph.D., advises that parents take time to look not only at how many minutes or hours are acceptable, but to think of all the ramifications of screen time instead. Think about what developmental skills your kids might miss or what unpleasantries (such as bullying) they might be exposed to. Take a minute to read this article for more information about how to make your summer about more than just taking naps and checking apps!

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