Fall In Love With Mama Bear

The summer picnic boxes are packed away, the beach umbrellas folded, and the thicker jackets are being pulled out from the closet. That’s right, fall is upon us! We here at Thread Tank are always excited about changes in the season because they bring out some new opportunities to come up with awesome new designs!

Shop: Mama Penguin

We wanted to continue with our central theme of motherhood and expanded the Mama Bear collection to include other cute, strong, and ferocious mama animals. So whether you’re the queen bee of your household, gentle as a deer, or fierce like a shark, we’ve got the right design waiting for you!

Shop: Foxy Mama

While summer was all about enjoying the warm sun at the beach, fall reminds us of our moms calling us inside for supper. With the temperatures dropping and the food getting a little more carby, a comfy tee to wear under that fall jacket is perfect for the season. We release new tee designs every week so make sure to check out the “New Releases” tab regularly!

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