Career: Gender Pay Gap & What You Should Know

Most women (and some enlightened men) are very much attuned to the reality that despite making strides towards gender equality, a pay gap still exists. As barriers such as the glass ceiling and access to higher education fall away, women continue to find themselves making less pay for equal work in almost any occupation. Unfortunately, this gender gap persists in every socioeconomic class, industry, and race; no woman is immune from its impact.

But don’t get discouraged; strides are whittling away at the gender gap. More women and progressive men are running for public office with the goal of making real change for equality through public policy and legislation to hold companies accountable and improve needed benefits, including paid parental leave, flexible work schedules, better recruitment practices, and greater transparency. With better education and more awareness, women can find the confidence to negotiate for stronger employment contracts and position themselves in career paths with higher wages and upward mobility.

The one thing anyone who is concerned about the gender gap should do, regardless of work status, gender, or social class, is the vote. Participating in elections is how every citizen has a voice, and if you want to see pay equality in your lifetime, you can use that voice for positive change.

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