Food and Drinks: Day Drinking + Summer = Cocktails!

Days getting longer? Are nights getting warmer? Have those sunglasses and that coconut-scented sunscreen just become an essential part of your daily routine? All of these things mean that summer is here, chasing away the gray days of winter.

And really, doesn’t summer mean you can spend your time day drinkin’? While you’re at it, skip the old standard martini and learn to make a few new cocktails that are sure to bring a tasty surprise to all of your summertime events.

   Refreshing Mint and Lime Mojito                 

                                          Mint & Lime Mojito                                                                                                                  Mint & Lemon Gin Cocktail

Looking to impress your bookish friends? Create a new cocktail after a novel written by Tom Robbins. This Jitterbug Perfume drink is sure to be to the topic of many conversations. Or how about taking the old standard sidecar mix and adding dried rose petals to make a Moses Supposes drink?

And remember, you don’t have to host to provide the cocktails. Bring ingredients for some of your new summertime inventions and offer to help out at the bar or even in the kitchen. Some say this is the best pot-luck offering idea ever!

No matter what your summer holds in store, from beaches to road trips to cocktail adventures by the pool, make sure you are making memories – because fall is just around the corner.

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