Thread Tank Apparel Company Launches Men’s Clothing Line To Support Demand For Trending Beard Styles

LOS ANGELES, CA – Thread Tank, a specialty apparel company, has recently announced a new men’s apparel product line focused on a unique niche – beards.

Why Beards?

Throughout history, facial hair has been a way for men to express themselves. In today’s society, various types of beards are becoming a popular trend among men all over the world. What began as a way for men to create their identity through their facial hair, has become a topic of study - and even an area of expertise.
According to the Huffington Post, pogonologist (beard scholar) Allan Peterkin, has evaluated the connection between facial grooming and how men are perceived in relation to their beard style. This recent area of study has become a trendy part of pop culture, due to the expression of male celebrity personalities.
For example, a full beard (George Clooney) represents themes including scholarly, old-fashioned, or even religious. A goatee (Brad Pitt) has associations with the 90s, so is considered by beard scholars to be “outdated.” The scruffy or stubble look (Ryan Gosling) is associated with, “A man who is up on the latest trends.” These are just a few representations of the various types of beard styles, but the truth remains that it is a popular trend.

What? Beard tees?

The Thread Tank men’s apparel line currently includes t-shirts with clever expressions, providing men with, “Stories you can wear.” Examples of these humorous statements include:

You Call It A Beard, I Call It AWESOMENESS Escaping Through My Face

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m BEARDIFUL

…and many more.

But how much is it?

The beard apparel line has become a popular gift idea for men, with assorted selections under $25. Gift-givers and men themselves can access the entire beards product line at According to the site, the company delivers, “The trendiest and coolest looking apparel for men and women, with a special passion for great design aesthetics.”

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